Pavel Kroupko

Pavel has been involved with art since 1997, exploring many mediums throughout his journey. Pavels current focus is Ground Metal Art and Airbrush. His carrier choice as a welder definitely has influenced his Art. He creates his Art using chemicals and many different abrasive tools like sandpaper and sanders grinders dremel and many more. It took many years for him to learn and perfect his techniques and it is not taught anywhere. His pictures change highlights, as the light hits them from different angles, they almost dance in light, you will keep finding something new you have not noticed form first sight. This effect makes artwork very dynamic and in some case holographic. Pavel also combines this effect with his airbrush skills. . All of this make artwork very unique. The creation of this type of art is difficult, highly skilled and time consuming proses. Pavel is also a member of Painted Door On Main located downtown Beaumont where you can find many of his Artworks.

Contact: (780)-298-2993


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