Oksana Movchan


Artist Statement

Throughout my journey as an artist I have been interested in reflecting on life’s biggest mysteries in my art pieces. I Am Who I Am; Heaven Falls to Earth by Flowers; Blessing Hand; Buddha Garden; Banishment from Paradise; Exodus; How to imagine the Trinity and Icon are a few titles of my art pieces. A significant characteristic of my artistic language is the use of line, exploring its full potential; it can be read as fragile or convincing. This dynamic potential of line enables me to translate my thinking process and emotions and to layer and express various meanings and conceptual themes. I am most intrigued by the idea of delivering the message of the complexity of life and how everything is not necessarily as it seems. Life’s biggest mysteries and wonders, such as birth, love, transformation, and faith fascinate me and are often the focus of my work.


I am, Oksana Movchan, visual artist, Ph .D. from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine (1997), currently working and living in Edmonton. In 1996 I came to Toronto presenting my solo-exhibition at Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation, which was the beginning of a new chapter for my life and artistic practice. Since my move to Canada I have participated in numerous group and solo shows in Toronto and abroad: Ania Tish Gallery, Houston, TX, Heaven falls to Earth by Flowers, solo show (1999) and Uninterrupted Union of Time, solo show (2000); Meli-Melo, Artist’s Alliance, Hong Kong, China; Sacred, solo show, (1999), National State Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine; Recent Work, solo show, (2001). In 1998 I received a Travel grant to support a solo show in Houston, from the Canada Council for the Arts. In 1999 I was awarded an Individual Grant by the Ontario Arts Council. Since 2003 I continue to build my career in Edmonton, Alberta, where I have been represented by the Front Gallery, Contrasts, solo show (2004) and by Peter Robertson Gallery, Precious B-Side, solo show, (2013). In 2011 I participated in Art Expo, Pier 94, New York. In 2014 I received recognition from the Edmonton Arts Council for Cultural Diversity in the Arts and most recently (2016) Cultural Diversity in the Arts Project Grant from EAC. In 2012 I was awarded a Public Art Commission: Primary Colours of Life for the Ardrossan Recreation Complex, painting on kiln formed glass panels; 8,8’X16’; 12 panels, Ardrossan, Alberta and for the same Complex-series Sport; painting on kiln formed glass; 62’X 93”; 3 panels. Currently my practice includes taking commissions covering a wide range of mediums including working with glass, hand-drawn (one-of-a-kind) artisan sinks and small and large size acrylic paintings. From 2010-2016 I was the Director and Curator for Steppes Art Gallery in Edmonton.

Oksana will be set up on the 105 street closure next to Chapters.

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