Nicole Coursen

I am a self taught acrylic painter who started out painting for fun.  In 2011 my friend and I decided on a whim to sign up for the Art Walk. I loved the experience and I have been doing the Art Walk ever since. I have been on a break from Art Walk for the past two years. Having a new baby was my focus during that time but now I'm back!  During my "baby break" I started some interesting new art projects that I am excited to share this year.  I needed a creative outlet during my maternity leave and not having the time or energy for painting I decided to try drawing with my sewing machine. It was an instant success! I have a ton of awesome free hand sewing machine drawings framed and ready to go. They look so much cooler in person than in photographs so if you want to check them out come see me in front of Pack Rat Louie's! 

Featured Artist