Nataliia Fitzpatrick

Nataliia liked to draw as a child when she was in elementary school in Ukraine, but set her passion aside as she was growing up.  Working with visual arts runs in her family.  Her grandfather was a talented painter, and her cousin teaches painting.  She enjoys visiting art galleries, but her favourite is the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Now living in Canada, she is glad to have the time and opportunity to develop as an artist. 

An emerging artist, she likes to learn and experiment with new techniques.  She has worked with watercolour and acrylic, but enjoys most the challenge of painting with oil. 

“While I paint, I drift happily into another world.  It is a great emotional outlet for me.”  

You can find Nataliia in front of Reset Wellness at 10324 82 ave for the 2018 Artwalk.

Featured Artist