Natalia Mozdzen

Art is play and by being open and letting go of expectation it becomes a fluid and pure expression of self. I seek to translate this into my work and inspire others to explore their own artistic nature. No one can make art like you! I love 'mixed media' art - there are no rules. I use whatever I'm drawn to in the moment: acrylics, watercolors, pastels, spray inks, markers, pencil crayons, gel mediums, all varieties of papers, fabrics, tapes. 'Mixed media' allows for freedom of expression, not being stuck in a box of doing things a certain way. When you are making your mark there is nothing you can do wrong.

 I am influenced as an artist by the world around me: cycles, the flow of the universe, the energies of people and objects. I try to capture a feeling in my portraits, and use bright blocks of color to reflect what I am working through. I like to set an intention when I start my work and hold on to that as I work through a piece. I call this process 'Goddess Summoning' as these characters are considered reflections of self.

ZPSart will be located in front of Mars & Venus on Whyte and 103rd street.

To see more art, check me out on Facebook and Instagram @spinel.morningstar

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