Muj Ilmi


Muj Ilmi (IG- I.M. Sunatera_) is a contemporary abstract artist, poet, hyper-polyglot and a freelance writer. He studied Social Sciences in Toronto, and his roots are from the Central Asian continent- during his childhood he's lived in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan. Having a vast migratory experience through his life, he identifies himself as a global citizen and a nomad. He works in different mediums from charcoal, oil to acrylic painting, and psychedelic expression.


Muj is inspired by nature and its elements - from air, water, earth, to fire and all the sensory motors involved in the experiencing of color, sound, silence, light, darkness, smell, touch, movement, and space. His work is influenced by existentialism, mysticism, romanticism, natural sciences, numbers, and geometry. He is a self proclaimed researcher in the alchemy of human consciousness/existence.

Aspiring to incorporate nomadic life experiences, by capturing them on canvas through color via expressionism, realism, abstract, & surrealism. His mission is to inspire self expression in all mediums (from visual arts to fashion, body language, and dance) and finding a deeper connection with your essence and identity.

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