Mona Bouchard


Mona Bouchard is a contemporary wildlife artist from Alberta. She currently resides and creates her acrylic masterpieces in Gibbons, AB. Mona displays her work in shows and venues in the region. Her paintings are mainly acrylic on canvas or cradled birch panels. Her signature work consists of acrylic poured backgrounds with realistic paintings of animals overplayed.


I am inspired by the amazing handiwork of our creator, God. From the smallest bird to the tallest mountain, and the gorgeous dancing lights of the northern sky. With the poured backgrounds, I aim to create life and movement and emulate an unseen spirit/force. The animals done in a more realistic style are meant to show the love and detail that God put into His creation. While my subject matter is often complex, the thrill is in the challenge of capturing the beauty and spirit, and giving it a life in two dimensions. My smaller pieces are done as research, trial and error in anticipation of my larger pieces to come.




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