Mireille Peloquin

The artist in me "moved in" after the youngest of my two sons had "moved on". I’ve lived a full life from a happy childhood as the tenth of a family of 13 children, youthful studies in Winnipeg, starter jobs in Montréal, living in the forests of New Brunswick, the tundra of the high Arctic and the windy coulees of Lethbridge. This new phase of my life has brought infinite joy in good measure due to shared artistic souls with my closest friends, Mireille and Mireille. Together 3mimiarts.com we fell in love with encaustic art as the preferred medium to express ourselves and strengthen our friendship. Today, encaustic art dominates my creative being because of its ancient roots and my ability to shape and compose by using perfectly pure Alberta bees' wax with which I’ve created a range of pieces that reflect my Prairie roots and international travels.

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