Michelle Schwengler

I have loved creating art since I was a little girl and would watch my Grandmother and Father easily sketch masterpieces at the dinner table as I would try my best to create my own using a wax crayon or Mr.Sketch markers. My love of art has taken many forms from receiving a degree in film, teaching art to school children as a therapy assistant and finally to selling my own beginning around six years ago when a passer-by admired my work and requested their own painting. I have been doing Art Walk for three years now and have been creating commission pieces by request since that day six years ago. My main form of creating is acrylic paint on canvas but I am beginning to branch out to polymer and watercolours as well. Painting is how I find my way on days when my depression and anxiety are difficult to bear, usually creating brightly coloured images of animals, landscapes and the female form, bringing as much brightness, love and laughter back to my life and hopefully yours.

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