Michelle Erickson

Michelle Erickson is a self-taught visual artist who creates vibrant, colourful and fluid works of art with alcohol ink. Her paintings embrace the beauty of nature and present the vibrancy and uniqueness of the natural world. Michelle’s landscapes establish links between reality and her imagination. Her abstract paintings create worlds of colour and contemplation. Her florals are bursting with colour and character. Colour, shapes and movement play a key role in work in her work. The fluidity and unpredictability of alcohol inks promote a stylized uniqueness, spontaneity and an organic method of painting. During the painting process, her paintings are continuously changing and morphing. For Michelle, this is part of the intrigue of working with alcohol inks. Art has been an important part of Michelle’s life. As a child she could often be found painting, drawing or doodling. Over the years, she experimented with numerous mediums yet only when time permitted while working and raising a family. Since retirement in 2015, Michelle has had more time to focus on her art. In December 2016, she discovered alcohol inks finding them to be a curious and amusing medium to use. Visit ME at www.mericksonfineart.com Follow ME on Instagram @mericksonfineart