Michael Conforti

I believe that there is a dual nature to every human personality. However, I do not believe this dual nature exists simply in terms of good and evil. Rather, I feel this duality is most fully defined by the masks we present the world in order to disguise the dark, primal and emotional aspects of our personalities. Through my artistic practice, I am exploring this concept of duality and how it defines our individual identities. These explorations take the form of portraits that draw from the stylizations of Picasso’s Surrealist period, the Cubist and Expressionist interest in primitivism and the intensity of Fauves-inspired colours. The idea of duality is represented through the contrast of visual elements. Jarring differences in colour and shape are combined to emphasize the dramatic differences between our two opposing identities. Yet these same elements are employed to unify the opposing sides, thereby demonstrating how these two opposites create the cohesive whole that is the human personality.