Maureen Donovan

Never be afraid to try new things and take advantage of every opportunity – for you never know – you just might uncover a  passion that may change the way you dream, care for yourself and how you discover every moment in life that belongs to you – colour it proudly!

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and spent my life doing anything but art.

In 2003 I found Dave Ripley’s Adult Watercolour classes held at the Onoway High School.  I was captivated by his creativity and ease of making his projects come to life.  Step by step I was guided to mix and add layers of colourful paint as I tried to imitate his lesson plan.  I had no experience but loved how captivating it was and how intoxicated I felt as there was nothing entering my mind but excitement, fun and passion.  My mind stopped racing as I became involved in trying to make the piece I was working on look like something.  I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I wanted to do it.
I kept painting on my own and created hundreds of 'paintings' of all sizes taking inspiration from photos I had taken from our world travels, my surroundings or from my imagination.  I had to ask myself what I am going to do with all this artwork. They became gifts for family, friends, fund raisers and the recycle bin. In 2006 my art was displayed and sold at the credit union at work until it closed.  I carried on my love for painting and began taking it seriously in 2014 when I began to dream that this could be my craft when I retire in 2017. Instagram: @discoverwatercolours

I will be on 83 Ave between 103-104 St at the Whyte Ave Art Walk

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