Mattisen & Gabrielle Meyer

Matti and Gabby both have a passion for art. For Matti, she has been in love with it since she can remember; when she entered the world of school, art class was immediately her favourite, giving every project to her mom. She continued art classes even into university. As for Gabby she has also always loved art; whether creating it or buying originals of her own, she has an eye for a well-done piece. She had to put her love for art on hold however when she had her two kids, one of which is her son who Matti is married to. She is happy to say she is back doing what she loves. Matt and Gabs create pieces of art using the technique called pouring. This is done with acrylic paint plus a couple other ingredients to make a natural flowing piece. Several of their works also include detailed pictures either worked in or painted over top parts of the pouring art. Together they create unique pieces with love and care for others to enjoy. Feel free to check out their social media: IG: @matt_and_gabs FB: Art by Matti and Gabby

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