MaryAnne Spiess

             An all around artist, (not only of the visual arts but also the musical and the theatrical), MaryAnne Spiess began oil painting at age 15, commencing one of her life-long dreams of becoming a super-realistic portrait painter. Now, five years later, her art has blossomed into a private studio, Keen Edge Studio (, from where she markets her art, takes commissions, and creates engaging online art mini-courses.

            MaryAnne specialises in highly realistic human portraits (be they with brush or pallet knife), endearing pet (and often pet and child) portraits, period scenes and architecture (frequently Medieval). Stunning close-up, intimate nature scenes also tend to creep into her repertoire. A flare for the dramatic permeates all her work. MaryAnne draws her inspiration from the keen, natural beauty of the world. She often takes time to paint her heroes: men and women, (past and present), similarly inspired by Beauty, Truth and Reason. She rejects the current trends in art towards the chaotic, the distorted and the sensationally inharmonious and strives to imbue her paintings with powerful and uplifting meaning.

            Find MaryAnne Spiess in section E of the 2016 Art Walk! Plan to watch her at work for a while - after creating art herself there's nothing she enjoys more than showing and teaching people how it's done. Beware, you may be inspired to pick up a brush yourself!


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