Mariana Urbina


Mariana Urbina is a family lawyer originally from Venezuela, and came to Canada with her family in 2006.  She has always had a love for art, and has experience experimenting with figure molding and crafting in general.  She began painting in 2012, and it soon became a passion. Mariana likes to practice with many medias and styles, but loves acrylic due to its vibrant colors and versatility.  Her favorite things to paint are landscapes and old villages, but most of all, her Narizones! Who are her own creation, abstract and colourful beings that reflect happiness and freedom.  In 2015 Mariana had the opportunity to exhibit her artwork at the Calgary Public Library, twice:  at  Signal Hill Library and  at Southwood Public Library.

Mariana is looking forward to sharing her paintings with the public and hopes to add a little bit of colour, love and happiness to those who see her work.



My narizones are universal personification of happiness and freedom, they are unifying the conception of being, through colours, free lines and contour, open to an endlessness  interpretation by viewers of all ages and cultures; they are always changing and evolving, nurturing imagination and speaking to us as much as we want to interpret our thoughts through them. 

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