Margot Soltice

Margot Soltice was born in Edmonton and relocated to Pigeon/Battle Lake area. She has a studio in her home, surrounded by Nature, in which she has a wheel, kiln and workspace where she works and instructs students of all ages. Her works include watercolour, pen and ink, clay sculpture and artistic vessels. To a large degree, Margot is self taught, but has taken classes at the faculty of extension, Wetaskiwin Art and Craft Centre, and privately. Her objective when creating a piece is to intrigue the viewer from afar, and then draw them in to see the finer details. She conveys juxtaposition, playing with the contrast between softness of watercolour and crispness of pen and ink. In her clay works, she translates the lines and patterns from her paintings into texture. Sometimes she builds a sculpture or large vessel that speaks directly to a specific painting. Currently, Margot is working furiously on a collection of many pieces that will be launched just before the Whyte Ave Art Walk.

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Facebook: Margot Soltice-Barnswallow Corner

Instagram: @margotsoltice

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