Magdalena Rzeczkowska

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Born in Poland Magdalena Rzeczkowska studied Interior Design and
Media Art and Visual Education at the Technological and Humanities University
in Poland, and worked as an Interior Designer for 6 years. She currently lives in
Edmonton, Alberta.
The basis of her artistic creation is the art of realism. The oversized portraits and
other paintings of Magdalena are representations of light and color, awash in
detail. Fascinated by large format images, she prefers to work with giant
canvases. She based on photos. Mostly she paints women, and wants to portray
their souls. Because her subjects’ faces are so large, they demand a psychological
exchange between themselves and the viewer.
Magdalena says:

“I try to paint fast to ensure my current feelings are captured
in the painting “

“I want my surface to be stimulating, engaging the viewer to look
closer and have fun with the art. I’m not afraid of using colors.”

She enjoys traveling most of anything else. Traveling fills out her soul with all
the energy she needs to create fabulous art.

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