Madeleine Arnett

Madeleine Arnett at Hit the Wall Art is an Edmonton artist who lets fluid dynamics play a role in her creative process. Setting aside brushes, and working instead with palette knives and color shapers, she pours, blends and composes all at once, working quickly, “wet on wet” to design her abstracts. This spontaneity maintains the essence of fluidity, not only in her artwork, but on also the work surfaces of her studio. Instead of wiping up and discarding this overflow of drips and puddles, Madeleine upcycles her colorful acrylic scraps by shaping them into unique 3D artworks. Her collection of “Singularities” can be described as a whimsical fusion of painting and sculpture.

Water and energy are recurring motifs in all Madeleine’s artwork, as are the natural organic shapes of circles and ellipses. This imagery is rich in symbolic meaning: the cycle of time and the rhythms of nature. the Wall Art

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