LynnAnn Babuk

LynnAnn Babuk- Calligraphy Artist

Art Walk Location:

Calgary Trail – in the ETS Bus Lane, between 82 Ave. and 83 Ave.                                 

Fascinated with the letter form, LynnAnn has developed her individual style of combining letters with art pieces.  She is accomplished in both historic and modern lettering styles. With this knowledge, LynnAnn has developed her business to accommodate a range of options for her clients                                                  

As a teacher, LynnAnn has taught various organized calligraphy classes for community groups and stores in both Chicago and Edmonton, alongside tutoring private and semi-private lessons at the client’s request.

From her studio located in Edmonton, LynnAnn Babuk has been the proprietor of Babuk Ink Calligraphy since 1995, providing professional, elegant hand-written calligraphy services to local and national and international clients.

BabukInk Calligraphy Instagram: @babuklynnann

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