Lucy Faulkner

Lucy was born and raised in Liverpool, UK, and soon thereafter landed in Newfoundland, in search of a more “open ended” way of life. Hopping westwards, much like a flea, she currently resides in Strathcona County, near South Cooking Lake.

Lucy draws inspiration from natural elements - chiefly light, water, sky, and anything that grows out of the earth. To replicate even a glimmer of the joy evoked by experiencing the surrounds of creation is her desire. She is prepared to admit that with no formal education other than night classes by William Alexander, and workshops organised by The Paint Spot, the quest to find her style is significantly more about the journey than the destination.

Lucy has exhibited at “Art from the Unknown” twice, and has sold all but one of her paintings at these shows. Consequently she currently has no collections to boast of except the the ones that will soon sit in front of you on Whyte Avenue.

Contact Information:

Find Lucy in front of Anonymous at 10139 82 ave

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