Lisa Douziech

Stone is magical. I love the way it feels in my hands, how the stone slowly grinds away under the pressure of my tools, revealing the beauty inside it. Carving stone has always been a place of peace. Somewhere I can go to quiet my mind, to connect, to let divine run through me and inspire my work. I first began carving stone in 2009 under the guidance of Allan Waidman. Since then I have challenged myself to explore different subject matter, styles, and types of stone. Today I sell my art through galleries, an online store, and at various local art walks. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to express myself in this medium, and share it with others. It is my hope that people feel a connection to my work, and that it brings something special to their spaces. “Work is our love made visible…” (Kahlil Gibran)

Featured Artist