Liliana Levesconte

Liliana LeVesconte is an emerging artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Born and raised in Romania, Liliana emigrated to Israel with her family in 1986. There she spent several years studying, working and integrating in a new country. A few years later, she migrated to Canada where she has lived most of the last 30 years. Liliana is an accounting professional who is passionate about painting. She paints a diversity of images in oils and acrylics including landscapes, portraits and pets. Her passion is painting unique portraits, but she is also intrigued by soothing, calming landscapes. Her art is definitely encompassing a sense of serenity, love, hope and spirituality. During the month of October 2018, Liliana will have a gallery display at the Edmonton Public Library in Riverbend. She continues to advance her skills by learning from established artists and instructors. One day she hopes to be able to paint full-time. For more of her art, please visit her website at, or email her at Find Liliana in Arrival Park, at the corner of Gateway Blvd and 82 ave, just north of MKT Market

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