Lesley McMillan

I love to draw, paint, and create whether the chosen medium is acrylic, oil, spray paint, ink, watercolor, gouache, pencil, charcoal, works done in mixed media and more. I work in a wide array of styles experimenting with many different techniques and working with various subjects. From abstract and expressionistic pieces to realistic and figurative, I like to explore the human body, emotions, images of peace, nature, and anything that spontaneously occurs to me or I find in my surroundings. 

I consider myself a passionate and self-driven artist with a broad spectrum of interests. Some other creative activities I engage in are making dreamcatchers, jewelry, handmade paper, photography, and sculpture. I am an artist of all trades and always seeking out the next artistic endeavor to indulge in! 

Find Lesley outside Dadeo's at 10548 82 ave.

Website: www.lesleycleo.com

Instagram: @lesleycleo

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