Lesley McMillan

I love to make all kinds of art but my favorite mediums are charcoal, acrylic and alcohol ink. I also make jewelry, bookmarks, and sometimes dreamcatchers but I mostly paint. Although I enjoy painting figuratively, currently I am exploring abstract and expressionism and love creating large and colorful pieces that radiate light, movement and have an energy about them. 

When I paint larger canvases, I typically work with the canvas on the ground and using big paint brushes I do a little dance around the work bringing it to life. Because I usually paint with acrylic I have to work quickly so that the paint doesn't dry before I finish blending. This results in a very active and highly energetic creative process and I am told by my roomates that it is enjoyable to watch me make magic on canvas! Another interesting thing about my process is that I often paint with my 11 month old daughter in my arms and she is starting to make her own mark in each of my paintings. 

In addition to my body of absract and figurative pieces I have done some small tribute paintings to stars fallen in the last 2 years such as David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Gord Downie, just to name a few. These are done in a PopArt style and you can see them at the Whyte Ave art walk. You may also veiw my "Seasons Greetings" abstract landscape series in Eye to Eye Optomertry at 9678 142 St. 

Website: www.lesleycleo.com

Instagram: @lesleycleo

Come say hi to my daughter and I at the 2018 Whyte Ave Art Walk outside of Dadeo on 9678 142 S !! 

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