Laura Rezko

For lack of a better phrase, I consider myself a recovering artist. The recovery has had its starts and stops since 2010, but really began in earnest last year when I set myself the big goal of exploration. I deliberately left it open ended, and let my interests take me where they would. What a trip it was.

Now, with a foundation to build upon, I set the big, open ended goal of bold for 2015. The theme of our staff show is to tackle a medium/ technique you have never tried before, or one that you haven’t used in many years. I knew I had to try watercolours again, so I opened the set I had bought in 2012 and painted my first watercolours since university ended five years ago.

My artistic world includes the primary interests of puppetry, comics/graphic novels, and their offshoots of sculpture and drawing. A recent and joyful discovery has been improv, and six months into my adventures with that, I have no intention of stopping. With boldness in mind, I feel strongly that singing and dancing, in some form, will also be explored this year. My recovery continues, and it promises to be an exciting journey.

Instagram: nobodylikesasurlysue

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