Laszlo Csuti

Laszlo is a self-taught artist, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1967. At the age of 20, he moved to Germany, a year later arrived to Montreal, Canada. He spent some years in Windsor, Ontario, currently lives in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. In his early art-years, Laszlo only used colored pencils to create works, mainly for his own personal enjoyment. Later he was experimenting with pastels and mixing different mediums on paper. Most recently, he works with acrylic on canvas and other materials. In the past years, some of his paintings were donated to local fundraising events. Laszlo started selling his works in 2014. Some of his work can be found in Ontario, Alberta and in Hungary. The representation of his works comes to life in realistic form. Website: Follow his work on: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/csutifineart

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