Larysa Eliuk Matchak

Color, rhythm, contrast, and forces of nature, all contribute towards the inspiration for my paintings. When I paint and express myself through art, I am able to experience a euphoric feeling of freedom and contentment. My paintings are characterized by vivid colors and bold expressive brush strokes. I rely on my Ukrainian heritage, extensive travel, nature, and my surrounding environment for inspiration. I believe that we are all drawn to original works of art because they represent and radiate the soul and spirit of the individual who created it. Thus, through my artwork I strive to share my life and my spirit with others.

Along with her current work as an educator and school administrator, Larysa has been painting and exhibiting her works for over 15 years. Larysa has participated in several art exhibits sponsored by the University of Alberta, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts, The Harcourt House Gallery (Edmonton), KUMF Gallery (Toronto), solo exhibits, at conferences and festivals across Canada and in Europe. Larysa continues to explore new ideas and approaches to painting which is evident in how her paintings have transformed and continue to push boundaries. Larysa Eliuk Matchak’s artistic style combines raw talent with sensitivity to light, color, and emotion which reveal a dream like impression of the subject matter and bold interpretation of the subject.

** In 2002, Larysa entered the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design Program at the University of Alberta and studied Fine Art and Design. In 2006, she acquired a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education with a major in Ukrainian Language and Culture and a minor in Fine Art. Shortly after graduating University, Larysa submitted an art portfolio to the University of Alberta and was accepted into a two month course in watercolor painting under the instruction of abstract painter, Professor Graham Peacock which was held in Vico Equense, Italy.

Larysa completed a Master’s of Education degree and currently lives and works in her home studio as an artist and is a School administrator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by day.

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