Larissa Russell

Artists Bio

Larissa Russell a long time Edmontonian has been creative her whole life. She has created and taught art and creativity for over 30 years. Currently Larissa own Creative U, which works with people to discover their creativity as well as help them to heal through creativity.

Larissa is a a self taught acrylics abstract artist that dabbles in many other mediums. Her current passion is installation work and she is working on a few pieces for some international competitions. “Power and oppression”, “#metoo”, and “The Pendulum Swings Back”.

Artist's Statement

I have been a creative person my whole life, I have tried many creative endeavours, from interior painting specialties back in the 90’s, through to healing through creativity today.

My favourite medium is acrylics, and my signature is adding metal foils. I love the flow of colour with the sharp edges of the metals.

I truly believe that everyone is creative in different ways. I have more recently started working with people to heal themselves through creativity. Using different mediums, paint, writing, beads, meditation and so much more.

Through my own work of healing through creativity I have started creating installation pieces that have recently been entered into numerous international competitions. I feel so passionate about the messages that art conveys, and it was my way of working through my own healing.

My current work for sale comes from my own healing journey, using colour and texture to get my feelings out on the the canvas. My installation pieces, which are not for sale, have allowed me to go deeper into the collective pain and trauma, the fight back, and how the fists come down harder as we fight for our rights.

My other passion is human rights and as an member of the LGBTQ+ community I have become quite an advoacate for our rights. I also am the founder of Queer Voicez working to give the LGBTQ+ community a voice, so that the younger generations do not feel alone. LGBTQ+ youth have a 30+% higher likelihood of committing suicide than a non-LGBTQ+ youth, we need to do something to save our youth.

Larissa Russell

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