Kelsey Nowaczynski Baker

My portfolio is typically is an outpouring of courage, grace, perseverance and power. These are traits I often need to harness. I find that by painting images that evoke these mindsets it gives me the capacity to hold them, sometimes for dear life. Mark Rothko said "A painting is not a picture of an experience, but it is the experience." The subjects of my work vary widely from animals, to landscapes, to portraits and the abstract. However, the unifying factor in my portfolio is the essence of emotional experience that underlies each composition. Creation is a cathartic release of everything I may be holding on to. Most of my compositions tie to the expression of, or a means of processing, an experience. 

I like to tell visual stories about the journey and the tools we needed to survive it. My work tends to be vibrant full weaving pattern and colour together to create visual complexity. You can find me on Calgary trail beside Mcintyre park , I hope to see you!


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