Kelly Ritchie

 I have been painting with acrylics for 7 years now. My older paintings came from inspirations from my time working at a tattoo shop. With a series of very unfortunate events, starting in 2016, I changed my style and started to experiment outside the box with my art. I am now working on Funky Dot Paintings! I paint the canvas black to represent all the hardships and negativity I have faced and then cover it with beautifully combined colors and stories in dot work. My hope is that my art will inspire others and I hope I can add some beautiful artwork to the world!

I have started painting dot art onto desks and wooden furniture and will bring one of those pieces to display.

I love drawing anything and I like the challenge. I do work on larger sized canvases. All paintings are coated and protected. They are not framed as I paint the borders in dots and do prefer the art on the side, rather than the frame.

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