Keita Kankam

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY E-MAIL: KANKAMKEITA@YAHOO.COM My name is Keita Kwame Kankam. I was born in Accra, Ghana to a Canadian father on the sixth of March 1988. I studied at the Ghanatta college of art and design in Accra, where in 2006 I obtained a diploma in art and design. During my first and second years at the college of art, I studied fine arts, graphic design,textiles design and art history were i majored in painting in my final year. I also took part in the mentorship programme at the Visual Arts of Alberta last year which ended in May 2017 . Often I create what i feel, think and see around me. My favourite genres are abstract compositions,still life, landscapes and village scenes. I prefer using acrylic colours , inks, pastels and charcoal because once they are easy to use, once one knows how to manipulate them. Starting to paint on my own as an independent artist has not been easy, there have been times of success and downfalls, but with the passage of time I have seen the beauty humor and value in all my work.

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