Kaytlyne Dewald

I grew up with my parents owning a movie rental store and was raised on films. I felt that I developed along with the characters I was watching. At a young age I was exposed to the stories of how Frodo overcame the odds and destroyed the ring and how Harry chose to sacrifice himself for the greater good. To be able to experience the story, by reading the book and then taking that adventure to the next level by being able to watch actors recreate what you invented in your imagination, is a really unique thing. I think that artwork should make you feel something. I want my work to make you happy. I pick characters and images that I personally have a connection to and represent them with the material they were created from. By having the book or the comic book pages bring a new level to the painting. I wanted to show the characters coming out of the book pages bringing new life to images. I use gel medium to adhere the book pages to the canvas before I use acrylic to paint the character or scene on top. The pages add a unique texture and adds depth to the paintings.

Featured Artist