Kaylee Rose Wray

Kaylee Rose is a local Edmonton artist who re-ignited her painting passion just a few years ago, once she started teaching Paint Nites around Alberta. She has taught over 8,000 people and has her art in over 25,000 homes all over the United States and Canada. She graduated from Macewan University for Graphic Design and Photography. Kaylee went from being a full time commercial photographer for five years to a full time acrylic painter. Even though she went from photography to painting, she finds on a daily basis her University experience plays a substantial role in all of her art, due to all her time focusing on color, composition, and advertising. Lately, her focus has been on animal portraiture and pet portraits, so don't be scared to stop by and show her your animals in real life or in pictures! You can find more of her work at www.kayrose.ca or her instagram

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