Kayla Bachmeier

Find Kayla in Arrival Park, on the corner of Gateway Blvd and 82 ave.

Kayla is a freelance artist located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Originally from Medicine Hat, Kayla left home in the fall of 2016 to start her career as a professional artist. Her first step, was to complete the 2D Illustration and Animation program at Pixel Blue College. She received her diploma in February of 2017 and shortly after graduating she started up her own business as a freelance artist.

Kayla could often be found doodling during class and drawing characters from video games and fantasy. Starting in high school, her artwork became more focused on realism that mainly consisted of animals and the occasional portrait. She has learned to work in a variety of traditional mediums and her time at Pixel Blue has taught her the skills needed to create digital paintings and illustrations.

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