Kay McCormack

Kay joined the Art Society of Strathcona County in 2007 to immerse herself in the local art scene. Starting with local community classes in pottery, then watercolor painting, her present passion is soapstone carving. She has found a love of form and movement in the art of carving. Soapstone is a continual journey of surprise and joy as the stone’s color and life surfaces. Wildlife, animals and the outdoors dominate her work in both paint and soapstone.

"When working with soapstone I feel such a sense of peace and quiet. I am either working outside, letting the wind take the dust away or in my little shop. The animal shapes are familiar to me and I love being able to create a bit of wildlife that others can touch and take home. Using the hand tools, stroke by stroke the shapes and contours evolve and the story emerges. Then there’s the exciting part when you start to sand the layers and see the colors and fault lines appear. The oil brings it to life and creating that form and sense of movement involving the viewer is what art should be."

Featured Artist