Kathleen Levesque

Hello everyone ,my name was Kathleen Levesque. I'm a French Canadian self taught artist from a little town in Quebec called Rawdon . I decided to pack up and leave Quebec to explore Alberta and live out my passion. I’ve always enjoyed working with pencil but in the last year someone came into my life reignite my interior flame allowing me to rediscover my passion for the airbrush and reach my goal “thanks’ god “ and thanks ‘dad for yours always supported 😁

So I decided to up my game by learning airbrush with water base on different canvas ,metal, aluminum and stainless panel on free hand styles.

Enjoying a challenge is what makes me thrives I’m also learning to create metal and wood piece with etching and burning technique. The freedom I experience when I’m creating is so liberating I'v grown as a person through my art and I wish to share with you my fiery spirits !

Come and see me at the Strathcona hotel at 8212 Gateway Blvd.

And you can follow me on my Instagram @decadesofkulture

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