Justina Smith

Justina was born in in Edmonton and has lived in various parts of southern and central Alberta. From childhood to college age she spend a lot of time drawing and dabbling in watercolor. While taking the Technical Theater program at Red Deer College (98-00) she got roped into helping paint sets and drawing on the large backdrops for various productions. After being shown how to create faux finishes on sets and props (wood, marble, patinas, etc.) she began to take a real interest in painting.

Justina has travelled all across Canada. Her work is inspired by landscape, architecture, and moments in everyday life. She uses watercolors when traveling while her main media in the studio is acrylic. Occasionally she teaches workshops and writes about what she is working on or where she is off exploring next on the blog on her website.

Justina’s work has made appearances in a multitude of areas including artifact illustration for the University of Lethbridge and the University of Alberta, t-shirt designs for local businesses, album covers, as well as having sold paintings all across Canada and in the UK. Justina currently lives in Vermilion where she paints daily in her basement studio/cave at home.

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