Justin Erickson

Growing up Justin was exposed to the arts from the moment he could hold a pencil. His mother loved to sketch, and his father a cartoonist and automotive illustrator. 

Justin has a unique view of the world around him. This is reflected in the majority of his work as well as his personality. His work is guaranteed to have some kind of natural element bordering realism and surrealism. His work boasts bold colours, intricate details, and thought provoking themes. It is clear he is influenced by the nature around him. Birds, stars, insects, and other creatures adorn his work in such a solitary and peaceful way. 

Justin currently resides in the city of Edmonton. He has been featured in numerous galleries and events throughout the city. Receiving national claim in 2015 as a featured artist at RAW Edmonton showcase Splendor and again this year at RAW Edmonton showcase Reveal. He found local success within a few galleries across the city such as ISBE Domain, Lakeland framing and gallery, as well as Sense Audio.  He is quickly growing a respectable reputation across the city. 

Recently his adventuring has taken him back to college. He is working towards a career in graphic design and illustration. Expanding on his foundation of the traditional arts into the digital realm. Carrying with him his established style, and an open mind.

You can find him at this years Artwalk in the O section.

Featured Artist