Julie Witten-Land

My name is Julie Witten-Land and I am an artist and designer who is fortunate to do what I am extremely passionate about; CREATE! And create for others. I love to make art pieces that enliven people’s homes and spirits; art that speaks to people’s souls and mind.

Some might know me as the the artist who photographs cars, bikes, urban scenes and then mounts them onto metal boxes. . .  yes I still make these pieces - but stores sell them for me now so I can paint more :)

I work from my home studio in Ardrossan Alberta while raising my two young children and cooking the odd gourmet dinner for my husband. I try to live a balanced life with my many passions (art, industrial and interior design, triathlons, and running races), though sometimes I can get a little stressed (o.k. a lot stressed), but LOVE it - I thrive in this crazy, busy, challenging environment and feel truly blessed & humbled to create joy for other people.

I like to experiment! As a formally schooled Industrial Designer - process and material is just as important as the finished piece.  I like to paint many differrent subject matters because it pushed me to experiment with different meduims and this is where the excitement of making art resonates with me most. It’s always a surprise; it’s always new – never-been done, and this is why I can’t stop making art!

“I am most grateful for my creativity when I am sharing it . . . 

 I hope you enjoy it.”

Julie Witten-Land



email: julie@SALTEDstudio.com


twitter: @saltedstudio



I will be located right on Whyte Ave and corner of 105 st. (Kiddie corner from Chapters on Whyte)

9-5pm Fri, Sat, Sunday


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