Jude Ifesieh


Jude Ifesieh was born in Nigeria, he first came across a pencil at the age of three and has never quite let go of it since then.

Given his fascination with art and the sciences, he was then provided with an option to read Pharmacy, but he chose an education in drawing and composition from teachers who were renowned local and national artists instead.

During his studies in Art, he made use of the few books in the school’s Library. It was after school that he intensified his visit to some galleries like the USQ Gallery in Australia, Manhattan Museum, New York, The Houston Gallery and the Archaeological Museum. He spent time studying and sketching the art of many great masters so that he might perfect the interplay of light and shade across his subject’s matter. (chiaroscuro)

Jude has added to his credit several exhibitions both home and abroad. During his residency in Toowoomba, his works were featured in the Art digenous Exhibition, Sydney Cafe Art Exhibition. In the States during residence, Burlington Vermont, Boston Garden of commons show and Nuit Blanche 2007.

In 2011, Jude moved to Canada to study Digital Animation and here in Canada he has shown his works at the Toronto Library exhibition, Paint spot Exhibition, Edmonton. Art Vancouver exhibition, Visions gallery to mention a few.

Through his travels, notably in the US as well as Australia, his art has expressed life - "Art is synonymous with healing"! As an artist, I have developed pieces using a range of colors with unique grass-like strokes, This is a time-consuming process, as I layer and build up the images step-by-step. I have experimented, not merely to create images or figures in true realism; but rather with careful with rhythmic brush statements in strokes, juxtaposed with dots resulting in movements that express the energy of the subject. My work involves a synthesis of multiculturalism and environmental themes.

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