Juan Carlos González


Juan Carlos Gonzalez is an artist from Mexico living and creating art in Edmonton, starting from a young age to explore his artistic skills Juan has being in touch with different media to construct his ideas and give them form, acrylic, color pastel, water-color, graphite and oil are some of them; currently Juan is focusing on developing a wider knowledge and strength on water-color focusing on portrait lightning and composition through acrylic painting.


Where I get my inspiration you say? i'm very interested in mythology history and philosophy I like to illustrate and give my interpretation to ideas and events, i adore mexican culture and i find very rewarding creating pieces around its folklore and culture as well as other cultures that are very develop and with deep roots such as hindi and chinese.

Through my art I search to express my true self and put forward that which is yet unknown in to the world, to be known, I believe that art is that search for the ultimate meaning and that we artists use our pieces as filters of our own ego so that we can begin to see clear what is truly "true". the way I work with my art is very simple i produce it when i'm inspired to do it finding that moment can be really hard sometimes but when it hits it sticks to you until i finish what i'm supposed to then again for an artist his work is never finished I think we all would like to work more in all our pieces no matter how good they look.

Instagram: juancarlosart

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