Joyce Boyer

Born in 1963, Joyce Boyer has lived her life in Alberta. Her love of art started at a very young age. Boyer’s mother recognized her love for art at an early age and enrolled her in art classes.

Her high school teacher, Gregg Johnson, was an encouragement and mentor to her. and suggested that she attend Art College which was an official start to her art journey. After college she met her husband and they started a family and with the support of her husband she stayed at home and created art. Joyce recalls, “I would put them down for their nap and run to get my art so I could create.”

Joyce continues her journey and is thankful to the many artists such as Albert Handell, Bill Rogers and Karen Richter for touching her life and inspiring her art.

As a member of the Pastel Society of Canada, Art Society of Strathcona County, and ACACA she keeps very involved with the Art Community. She says,” She just looks at the master painter and sees that she has a lot to learn and knows that she will enjoy every step of her journey. She feels truly blessed being able to create works that inspire and to have many artistic friends who encourage each other and offer support.

Art is like breathing to me. I look at the world around me and see it in everything. Colour, shapes and inspiration; It never ends. The best thing about art is having someone look at your work and for them to be moved in some way; that is what art is all about.


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