Jolie Babey

Jolie is of Japanese-Chinese heritage. Raised in a rural area of Hong Kong, she grew up in close proximity to both the natural wildlife and urban jungle of Hong Kong. This unique environment set the stage for her ongoing deep appreciation and respect for nature and the human effects on it. She relocated to Canada at a young age. Since then, she has been starting producing drawings, paintings, and potteries to express her creativity. Recently, painting has been the most effective medium for this creativity for her. Travel, cooking + experimentation, exploring nature and seeing beauty inspire her in her artwork. Jolie is talented at finding ways to gather inspiration from meeting new people; and this also shows through in her art.

One thing Jolie will never forget when travelling is a camera.  She use cameras to capture all the happy moments and every little thing that inspires her and later becomes part of her Art works. When it comes to Arts, her favourite media is acrylic, and will paint on anything she finds of interest. A favourite activity during travel is visiting galleries and museums. Jolie draws inspiration from post-impressionist artist Van Gogh; and in terms of Contemporary Art, Andy Warhol.

Jolie would love to meet new people at her station in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk in front of The Cat’s Glass. Feel free to come by and check out her artwork!

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