Jody Wedman

Bio & Statement
I have been an artist from the moment I took my first breath. I started drawing at age 3 and that
blossomed into painting. As a child I found interest in nature and that has given me most of my creative
inspiration up to this very day.
As a professional artist I started about 30 years ago, it was juggled between jobs, before I went to
college, during, and after. My artistic abilities took me through school and into college for fine arts,
graphic design, photography, interior decorating and metalsmithing.
Once I completed my education, I took whatever seemed to come my way in the field of visual arts.
Work consisted of graphic designing, marketing and destination wedding photography, jewelry making,
interior design, painting, decorating, and mural work. These various artistic endeavors have me working
for myself and other people to this day.
I presently work solo, my creations are all done from my studio located in Edmonton Alberta. I have fine
tuned my metalsmithing skills and have my own line of jewelry "Caru Dezyns", as a business and a
labour of love. I'm presently focused on mixed media painting on canvas, and papers, portraiture in
pastel, and mixed media, watercolours and photography for private and or commercial. I also conduct
workshops and have done public speaking topics on Art and its importance. Currently I am doing open
studies at St.Stephens college towards councilling with Art Therapy.
Some of the public shows I have been in include "The Works" art and design festivals, and Art Walk,
Western Canadian Fashion Week in Edmonton, Womans shows in various cities of Canada, and Spruce
Meadows events in Calgary.

Im in the Art Walk this year in location "E" in McIntyre Park.
I invite you to view more of my work on my website
Jody Wedman

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