Jiwon You

I started art-making from quite a young age, but truly discovered my passion in it during my undergraduate career while taking fine art as my minor. While my preferred medium/ form of art making is oil painting, because of its forgiving nature, I also enjoy using other wet-mediums as well dry-mediums for drawing. The subject matters that interest me constantly change, but in general, regardless of what I paint, I like to explore how different lightings and values can convey a sense of serenity and peace in my works. Currently, I am interested in making iconic portrayals of different animals. I have just finished my undergraduate career in psychology, and I am moving to Montreal in fall to further pursue my studies in counselling and psychotherapy, where I plan on embedding art-making as a part of therapeutic process. Instagram: @wonniemahoney Email for commissions & other inquiries: kjhu17@gmail.com

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