Jin Zhe Cui

Jinzhe’ s work manifests her inner-voice from deep psyche and the universe. Her process often starts from deep listening and contemplation. When the imagery arises, she does research or concept drafts as the stimulation. Once the drawing process starts, Jinzhe usually does not think. She observes hands flowing out the presence with space, time and materials surrounded. Cui believes that forms, shapes, colors, characters, and narratives naturally merge into each other to invent a new world in that silence and organic improvisation, and herself as a channel is to let what ever is truthful to that moment appear. When Cui was very little, she used pencils, branches or chalks drawing freehand sketches on her small notebooks, sandy soil or walls around home. Then she adapted this hobby through ink, brush and pen on papers, canvas and woods. In recent 10 years, Jinzhe has been a cook lover and daily-ritual explorer. Her art practice was also expanded into installation, video art, community engagement reflecting her constant experiment with mindful cooking and eating, everyday life habits including body movement, soul singing, deep inquiry journaling and meditation. In 2018, Jinzhe is working on Figure 一, 二, 三, 六, 八, a research and community-engagement based project about Edmonton’s Chinatown history, heritage and presence. This collaboration with local artists and researchers Shawn Tse, Lan Chan-Marples and Chris Chang-Yen Philips is funded by the Edmonton Heritage Council, Access Copyright Foundation, and supported by ASSIST Community Services Centre, Chinatown communities, Students of University of Alberta and multiple Chinatown story tellers. The project exhibitions will be toured in Edmonton from the end of 2018 to 2019. Cui’s work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally. See more of Jinzhe’s work and participate in public engagement in Chinatown please visit cuijinzhe.com.

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