Jessica Bateman

Art by Miss JBa Art Walk Statement

Jessica Bateman a.k.a. Miss JBa (think J.Lo, less “Lo” more “BAH!”) is an Edmonton-based acrylic painter with an unstoppable imagination and passion for creating. She loves to bring a little personality, wonder and a whole ‘lotta magic to each piece she works on. Her work incorporates elements of the cosmos, nature and the mysteries of humanity—all with a creative twist, of course. With her paintings, Miss JBa hopes that viewers will take a few moments to fall into themselves and explore the corners of their own minds, their emotions and get lost in the magic of their own imaginations. She paints with bold colours, lots of detail and just the right amount of chaos. Imagine an adorable sea otter as the keeper of our planet; ravens that defy physics; doors to unknown worlds and powerful, multifaceted women made of stardust…

From the depths of the universe to the depths of your imagination—it's all fair game. Welcome to the whimsical world of Art by Miss JBa!

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