Jerimiah Harris

I was originally born in Edmonton, Alberta, I moved up to the mainly Dene community of Fort Liard, Northwest Territories when I was 7 years old, and lived there for 21 years before returning to Edmonton to be closer to the artistic scene. I have been creating portraits most of my life. Starting by re-creating images from Conan Comics when I was 5 years old. Over time my art progressed in quality, but I’ve transitioned from doing only graphite pencil portraits to acrylic stenciling. Colour used to intimidate me, but I now find myself becoming more open to experimentation. Recently a close group of friends coaxed me out of an artistic lull. My works are heavily influenced by urban/tattoo culture and abstract pop art. During Grade 10, in Fort Liard, back in 1996, a half dozen students and I operated a Graphic Arts business facilitated by the school. We used multiple types of Media, such as lithography, stencils, photoshop, silkscreening, carving, and others. Applying this knowledge I began to paint using acrylics, directly using the 31+ years of experience in creating portrait pieces. The direction I’d like my work to take is one that inspires emotion in its audience, be it a passerby who’s eyes catch the vibrant colour or a collector who spends hours looking at the painting. This is my first time participating in the Whyte Ave Artwalk. I am located in the H-block in the Sun Toyota parking lot. 10130 82nd Ave.

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