Jane Newman

My artistic practice engages with the natural world and what is wasted and overlooked in contemporary culture. I am called to reflect on and express the energy of a rare and vanishing wildness through assemblage, mixed media and painting.

My work utilizes discarded and found materials and objects, both organic and inorganic.  By shopping for cast-off and resale goods for materials, I nominally participate in the marketplace. Some materials are foraged from natural places and additionally, friends and family bring me objects that would otherwise be thrown away. Aged metal, wire, wood and feathers are key media repeatedly used.

Some of my work is designed to evoke an aesthetic appreciation of things abandoned or rejected. Other pieces express the sheer joy and exhuberance I find in combinations of colour, texture and compostion. My intention is to ignite or rekindle a way of seeing, feeling and caring about our world and what is neglected or overlooked in any environment.

My artistic practice is on the verge of reinvention, as I settle into an urban life in Edmonton after living in Banff National Park for 35+ years.

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