Ivan Kolos

Come find me at 10324 82ave in block F, right in front of Mars and Venus!

 I can remember being young and enjoying the process of creating art. This is a great quality for me since as I grew older the desire to create has never subsided. After high school I wanted to pursue art as a career and went to college to study design.  I graduated from Grant MacEwan in 2008 and began work as a freelancer, doing an assortment of work ranging from event planning to print design.

Fast forward a few years and Netflix renews my love of painting through Bob Ross episodes.  I decide to get back into painting and my wife and kids gift me paint supplies for Christmas. 

Now I paint using acrylics and oils, and when I’m hanging out with my daughters, I enjoy creating art with pencil crayons. I draw inspiration from the natural world around me as well as the digital environments of the video games I enjoy like ‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls’.  Recently I have begun enjoying success with painting through commission work. 

This is my first year with Art Walk.


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