Hilda Valdes


Hilda Valdes is a Contemporary Figurative Oil Painter. She was born in Mexico. Lived Brazil and the United States before establishing in Rocky Mountain House where she currently lives. She has a Bachelors degree from the “Universidad Autonoma del Noreste”. Her paintings cover a wide variety of topics, from flowers to glass to animals and are mostly filled with vibrant colors.


My work is usually filled with the colors and vibrancy from my home country (Mexico). I work with oil. Tempera is a specialty of mine and although acrylic has tempted me a few times, I always go back to oil.

The subject of my work has changed through time, much the same as our personality. I like human figure even though I am not a portrait painter, still life and glass are my favorites. There are so many things I want to paint; my interests can go from flowers to a bison, from a Peacock to a vase and they all fulfill my need to paint.

It seems like nothing new is invented and everything is possible in the world of painting now a days. I simply go with what my "gut" tells me, so I paint what I feel like painting with the same dedication as always. I know that if I don't paint what I like at the moment... it will not come through the way I like it. And you have to please yourself!

I am a work in progress, always learning. Whatever I paint, I want to paint it well, with passion, sincerity and talent. I like to believe that my paintings resemble me: direct, honest, brave and free from all ambiguity.

I currently live in Rocky Mountain House, AB, in the country, where dogs, a cat, chickens, cows in the summer, big fish in the pond and the view of the Rocky Mountains fill my eyes.

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